Onboarding Your New Employee

As the leading staffing agency in Melbourne, we are committed to providing proven talent for your organization. We believe that you should only be investing your time and resources in your core competencies & leave the recruitment process to the specialists. When assisting you with your recruitment needs, we do a lot more than finding the right candidates to fill positions in your firm. We offer our invaluable advice on award conditions as well as OH&S policies and procedures. Besides these, we also offer induction advice, assistance on employee orientation, and new employee onboarding.

At Ozstaff, we also offer many additional services. We are one of those very few agencies in the country that have fully equipped 24-hour OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) Support Units. We have a resourceful team of qualified first aid personnel, who immediately respond to any workplace incident to ensure the safety of your employees. Our broad range of services to assist you with your workplace safety and compliance include - site inspections, which include reporting observations in line with safe work practices; safe work documentation procedures; workplace safety audits and training; etc.

We are also backed by a qualified compliance team, which evaluates payroll activity at regular intervals and put forward recommendations to ensure compliance with Award or Enterprise Bargaining Agreements for your entire workforce.

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