our service guarantee

At Ozstaff, we pride ourselves in client satisfaction and we achieve this by following our trusted guarantees.

    1. General Conditions for Supplying Temporary Staff

    a) If you place an order for temporary staff from OZSTAFF Pty Ltd (Ozstaff) it will mean that you have accepted our Terms of Business.

    b) Ozstaff will use its best endeavours to provide appropriate staff to fulfill the specified service. You agree that staff supplied are employees of Ozstaff under your direction, supervision and control.

    c) Ozstaff will supply its temporary staff to suit your needs as soon as it is reasonably practical.

    d) Ozstaff may replace the assigned temporary staff from time to time with other staff that are suitably qualified and give you notice of such substitution wherever practicable.

    e) When you place an order it will be for a minimum of 4 hours of work each day. You agree to pay our current rate for the relevant service and an authorized member of your staff will validate Ozstaff's timesheets for its employees. Validation will be mean that you are satisfied with the work performed and accept responsibility for payment of the associated costs.

    f) If you cancel an order more than 30 minutes after it was made then you are liable for four hours service charge for each cancelled staff member based on the normal hourly rate for the position(s).

    g) The rates quoted are hourly charge rates based upon pay rates generally derived from the appropriate award or agreed with you. The rates are inclusive of applicable Workcover, Superannuation, Public Liability Insurance and Payroll Tax. Any additional costs or allowances will be on-costed to you with your prior consent.

    2. Payment Terms:

    a) Ozstaff will invoice you weekly. As we pay our staff weekly our trading terms are strictly seven days from the date of the invoice. All invoices will include the applicable Goods and Services Tax (GST). 

    b) Ozstaff reserves the right to charge a market penalty interest rate on overdue accounts and debt recovery costs.

    3. Performance Guarantee

    a) Ozstaff guarantees that its staff will perform services to a satisfactory standard provided that they receive appropriate instruction and supervision from you. If you are dissatisfied with the standard of work on the first day of the assignment and provided you notify us on the same day there will be no charge for that work.

    4. Unsatisfactory Performance

    a) You should advise Ozstaff as soon as practical if you are dissatisfied with the work, service performance or behaviour of its staff.

    b) You should only communicate directly with Ozstaff assigned employees in regard to performance or behavioural matters if it is life threatening or of a serious nature and you have advised our office beforehand.

    c) You agree that Ozstaffs' management will deal with all unsatisfactory performance or behavioural issues. Only Ozstaff may terminate the employment of its staff or remove them from the workplace.

    5. Industrial Relations and Employment

    a) Ozstaff must comply with any legal requirement and conditions of employment that have been agreed with Ozstaff employees including Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBAs) and Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs).

    b) This compliance extends to the health and safety of our employees while at your workplace notwithstanding your own obligations in that regard.

    c) Ozstaff will be responsible for wages, remuneration and statutory payments (including state payroll tax) for all its employees.

    d) You must not do anything that may cause Ozstaff to be in breach of any employment conditions. Ozstaff will supply evidence of statutory compliance (where it is available) within 7 days after receipt of a written request from you.

    e) You must inform Ozstaff of any awards or agreements applicable at the workplace where Ozstaff employees are assigned. You agree that if there is a change to the nominated pay rates for Ozstaff employees you will retrospectively pay the amounts due plus the proportional margin to Ozstaff.

    f) Ozstaff reserves the right to increase charge rates retrospectively to the date of any revised award provisions and statutory on costs.

    g) In the event of any industrial action or dispute involving or affecting Ozstaff employees you agree to allow us access to our employees (and yours when they are relevant to the action or dispute) so that we may assist in the resolution of such action or dispute.

    h) We will not employ staff illegally.

    6. Occupational Health and Safety (OHandS)

    a) You must provide Ozstaff employees with a safe workplace that complies with relevant Occupational Health and Safety (OHandS) legislation. To ensure that safe work is performed by Ozstaff employees, you must provide any supervision, instruction, training and protective equipment keeping in mind OHS Policies and procedures.

    b) You will immediately notify Ozstaff and any relevant authorities of any work related accidents, incidents or injuries affecting Ozstaff employees.

    c) You acknowledge that we have mutual OHandS obligations with respect to Ozstaff employees. With your prior consent we will visit your workplace from time to time to review safety arrangements for our employees. We may ask you for appropriate changes to help reduce the risk of accidents in your workplace.

    d) In the event of any work related injury to an Ozstaff employee at your workplace you agree to participate in the rehabilitation and return to work program for that employee.

    7. Confidentiality

    a) Our employees are required to treat your workplace information confidentially and have executed an agreement with us to that effect.

    b) You retain the rights to any intellectual property acquired during or as a result of Ozstaff's supply of services to your workplace.

    c) You will keep all Ozstaff documentation received during the course of business confidential for a period of five years from the date of such documentation.

    8. Insurances

    a) Ozstaff will maintain the following insurances for all its employees:

    # Workers Compensation as required by law.

    # Public Liability for at least $10 million.

    b) Ozstaff will provide you with evidence of insurance within 14 days after a written request.

    c) Any vehicle owned or leased by you and operated by Ozstaff employees must have comprehensive insurance cover.

    9. Liabilities and Indemnities

    a) Ozstaff is not liable on any legal or equitable grounds including negligence for any acts or  omissions of its employees including but limited to:

    # Undertaking engineering, technical or similar services.

    # In workplaces that have inadequate supervision, internal controls or safeguard.

    # Handling cash, negotiable instruments, valuables, merchandise or any other property or value.

    # Assigned to payroll activities.

    b) Subject to Ozstaff performing its obligations under this agreement you accept Ozstaff employees at your own risk. You indemnify Ozstaff and its employees from any claim, liability, loss or damage to any property owned, operated or leased by you.

    c) You use best endeavours to preserve any evidence in connection with the claim and give Ozstaff all information and assistance it needs to defend or settle the claim.

    d) The above indemnity does not abrogate you from the responsibilities you have to provide a safe workplace for Ozstaff employees as required by OHand S legislation.

    10. Hiring an Ozstaff Employee

    a) Should you wish to hire an Ozstaff employee directly either on a full or part time basis a placement fee will be applicable. This fee must be agreed with Ozstaff prior to your making the offer of employment to the Ozstaff employee. A fee will also apply in the event that our employee registers with another recruitment agency and is engaged by you. The standard placement fee is 8% of the employees gross annual salary excluding compulsory superannuation.