Ozstaff - Hints for Video Profiles

At Ozstaff, we believe that an impressive resume is a ticket to a great job!

While most job seekers think that they can easily create a winning video resume, fact of the matter is that they cannot. To make it easier for them to impress their prospective employers, our proficient professionals help them create online video resumes that really make them standout.

We are backed by a team of experts, who specialize and maintain extensive networks in varied sectors, like - Technical and Services; Human Resources and Recruitment; Education and Training; Information and Communication Technology; Sales; Accounting; Trades, Technical and Services; Education and Training; and many others. So, no matter what your area of specialization is, our experts can help you create an online video resume that is sure to make an impact on your prospective employer.

Check out the tips mentioned below to create a professional video resume and show your prospective employers in Australia the real you:
  • Write an honest profile about your professional life;
    • Who you are - introduce yourself to the employer
    • What you currently do for work - company name, responsibilities and achievements
    • Where you want your career to go
    • Why you are looking to change
    • How you will be the ideal employee
    • Thank the employer for tuning into your Video Profile
  • Aim for your video to be around 3 minutes
  • Be prepared by practicing in front of a mirror - practice makes perfect
  • Wear a professional outfit, just as if you would when going to an interview
  • Film in an uninterrupted environment which reflects your professionalism
  • Make eye contact with the camera lens
  • Speak clearly and at a steady pace
  • Once you're happy with your Video Profile, load to the Ozstaff Dashboard

Upload your video today. Sit back and let employers see the real you!