Labour hire and temporary recruitment services

  • FLAGSHIP - end-to-end recruitment infrastructure
  • CHECK START- ensuring you have the people you need prior to the start of each shift
  • OPERATIONS DASHBOARD - monitoring and reporting
  • EVOLUTION - highest quality on-call staff

FLAGSHIP, Ozstaff's labour hire and temporary recruitment service, provides you with an end-to-end recruitment services management infrastructure that provides complete line of sight over the entire managed service.

A dedicated, accountable and fully resourced account management team including Senior Recruiter, Account Manager, OH&S and HR and IR Specialist, and backed by a 24 hour help desk, will develop a service model, tailored specifically to your requirements. Ozstaff will induct, train, coach and provide ongoing support to your labour hire and temporary employees, increasing staff retention and ensuring maximum results.

Ozstaff CHECK START is an industry winning service that confirms availability of employees, ensures attendance or replacement of assigned candidates, across all shifts, all prior to start time.

Ozstaff OPERATIONS DASHBOARD provides you with real time service, monitoring and reporting direct to your mobile phone, laptop or communications device, anywhere around the world!

For more information on how we can improve the quality of candidates in your flexible workforce and help elevate your outsourced labour hire or temporary recruitment program, contact our team.

OZSTAFF EVOLUTION offers employers access to high quality staff, while maintaining the benefits of a flexible on-call workforce.

Ozstaff Evolution personnel are NOT casual. We employ our staff full time and make a significant investment in recruitment and ongoing training and development. Therefore, our personnel have a vested interest in performing diligently and reliably. This allows Ozstaff to guarantee our host employers a workforce that’s more than just flexible, but engaged, stable and motivated as well.

Staff from Ozstaff Evolution are provided with Ozstaff identification, an Ozstaff Evolution uniform and a basic tool kit.

All personnel have passed a rigourous selection process and have been subject to thorough background checks and searches.

If you have been looking for recruitment and labour hire in Melbourne, Tullamarine, Laverton, Altona, Moorabbin and other cities across Australia, OzStaff recruiters will help you choose the profession according to your demands.

To learn more about Ozstaff Evolution or to inquire about becoming an Ozstaff Evolution employee, please contact us on 1300 OZSTAFF.