Workplace Safety and Compliance

Workplace Health and Safety is quickly emerging as one of the most vital risk management & regulatory compliance focus areas among business enterprises. As a result of this trend, the traditional workplace safety compliance systems that were designed to be point solutions at a plant-level, are giving way to enterprise-wide safety management systems that focus on Safe Work Practices. We - Ozstaff are the first in our industry to introduce fully equipped 24-hour OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) Support units. We are backed by a team of first aid personnel, who are committed to ensuring workplace safety in Australia and respond to any workplace incident within minutes Our units complete all formal documentation, allowing your business to continue with minimal disruption. Our broad spectrum of services to help you maintain and improve your OHS policies and procedures, include -

  • Site inspections,Job safety analysis, reporting observations in line with safe work practices
  • Safe work documentation procedures
  • Workplace Safety audits and training
  • Development and review of workplace safety procedures
  • Induction and ongoing safety training programs tailored specifically to each site

Payroll Statutory Compliance and Insurance

Want to keep your payroll requirements up to date? Take advantage of our reliable payroll services.

As Australia's leading staffing agency, we have built a reputation for maintaining a 100% statutory compliance record with regards to our clients. Our Payroll Insurance insures employers for payroll compliance, securing employers against claims from Fair Work Australia and others.

Our strong focus on Statutory Management and Statutory Compliance has enabled us to efficiently manage diverse requirements of our clients. We are backed by a resourceful team that evaluates payroll activity at regular intervals and put forward recommendations to ensure compliance with Award or Enterprise Bargaining Agreements for your entire workforce.

If you are unsure about what awards or conditions apply to workers in your business, contact us today.

For more information, contact our team on 1300 551 615.