Prior to applying for a role, please consider the following eligibility and selection criteria; please note that eligibility criteria may vary depending on the role.

Age Restrictions

You must be over 18 years of age (All our positions are adult roles). For information on Work Experience or Traineeships, please click here.

Previous Applicants

If you have applied for work with OzStaff previously and been unsuccessful, you may apply again in 12 months from the date of application.

Reliable transport

All applicants applying for work must be able to demonstrate that they have a reliable means of transport to get to and from work.


Part of the application process includes a behavioural interview with a qualified member of our recruitment team. Interviews may be conducted online or in person.

Qualifications and licencing

Part of the application process includes a behavioural interview with a qualified member of our recruitment team. Interviews may be conducted online or in person.


All applicants will need to demonstrate 100 points of identification. We accept most forms of identification including birth certificate, driver licence, passport, medicare card and bank cards

Working rights and proof of eligibility

You must have valid working rights to work in Australia and observe these conditions at all times. When applying for work, ensure that the requirements of the job do not breach visa working restrictions;


An Australian Citizen

An Australian birth certificate or citizenship certificate accompanied by an Australian driver licence or proof of age card, or current Australian passport is proof of eligibility.


Permanent Resident or NZ Citizen

An Australian Permanent Resident or a New Zealand Citizen with working rights in Australia. A passport with a permanent visa or certificate of evidence of resident status is proof of eligibility.


Non-citizen with valid visa

A non-citizen with a valid visa that provides work rights that meet the role requirements. A current passport containing the visa is proof of eligibility.

We also conduct an online Visa Entitlement Verification on all applicants.

Previous employment referees

You will need a minimum of two referees from your previous employers. One referee must be the last employer you were employed with prior to applying for the role. You will need to provide a direct contact number, name of organisation and contact person.


All applicants must inform us of their availability to accept and keep assignment/work commitments. This includes advising us of any work or personal commitments that might conflict with working hours. Applicants are also required to inform us when they are able to commence working.

Work experience

Candidates are required to provide evidence of work experience in the role they are applying for. In certain cases where jobs are increasingly complex, technical or require specialised skills, longer periods of experience may be required. You can access job specific experience criteria on the job description.

Training and induction

Candidates who complete the application process successfully will be contacted for on-boarding, induction and training. This process will vary from role to role and will be explained to you on completion of your application. Candidates on-boarding, induction and training will be evaluated and applicants will be required to successfully complete course assessments prior to being offered employment.


All applicants are required to present themselves in a manner that is professional and relevant to the role they are applying for. Candidates are also required to demonstrate awareness of the correct dress code applicable for the role they are applying for with particular attention to Safety and personal hygiene.

Medical and Physical requirements

Candidates may be required to attend a medical and physical assessment prior to and at various times during their employment. We also conduct periodic health checks while on assignment. These assessments include a number of tests, including hearing, vision, flexibility and physical capability as well as a supervised urine drug and alcohol screening. For some roles, candidates might have to agree to having inoculations for Hepatitis B and Tetanus.

Offence history checks

It is our policy to conduct relevant offence and security screening on all applicants. You are invited to provide information and consent to the following check as part of the application process.

  • consent to check and release national police record

  • Ozstaff security clearance check

You can contact us directly on 1300 Ozstaff if you wish to have a private discussion regarding your offence history


Skills and psychometric evaluation

In some cases, applicants will require to undergo all or some of the following online theory assessments in multiple choice;

  • Cognitive ability assessment (20 minutes)

  • Verbal, Mechanical and Numerical reasoning assessment (10 minutes)

  • Abstract reasoning assessment (12 minutes)

  • Work reliability assessment (10 minutes)

  • Behavioural profile (10 minutes)

  • Safety Assessment

  • Industry based skills assessment relevant to the job applied for (20 minutes)

An on-site practical skills evaluation will also be carried out prior to commencement. Practical assessments will be carried out at a nominated OzStaff site and applicants will be assessed on performance in the role you have applied for.